Why I Had To Fake A Return To Work Note

All the companies that have employed me have insisted that my only excuse for not working is illness, and that I need to provide a doctor’s note after an extended absence. Their definition of an extended absence was generally three days. They are perfectly within their rights to make those policies. Unfortunately, many people’s lives are occasionally disrupted for non-medical reasons. For instance, there was the time my daughter and I helped her friend move to another state and got stranded far from home when the car broke down. We had to call a tow truck, and all the car rental shops were closed until the next day. I was three days late coming into work after that. When I got back home, I had to fake a return to work note in order to comply with the company’s rules.

Skip work using a fake physician’s form.

I might have claimed a family emergency, but, for some reason, companies define family emergencies as deaths. This left my situation out. Besides, the family emergency leave policies tend to restrict your excused absences to a day or two.

Happily, there are many free templates on the internet to use for both the general doctor’s note and for the specific doctor’s note. There are also companies selling templates, but I went for the free variety. I don’t call in sick often, but I still didn’t want to pay for it. A doctor’s excuse is generally vague, only saying when you can return to work and if you have any physical restrictions, so I was free to tell them that I had a stomach flu, and was ready to get back to business.

My employers could have checked with my doctor to see if I had gone to the hospital. Many clinics would have refused to reveal this, but they wouldn’t have been obligated to keep quiet. After all, HIPAA only prevents doctors from talking about a patient’s condition without the patient’s permission, but they are free to confirm if a patient had actually gone to to the hospital. My employers never called my doctor about my absence, ultimately, and I got to keep my job, despite life conspiring to leave my car in Ohio. I wish that there was a policy of forgiving excuses such as what happened to me, but the fact is that many companies only allow an absence for medical reasons or a very narrow range of family obligations. Until employers start recognizing the wide range of reasons for which a person might need a couple days off, the fake doctor’s note will remain a staple of the workforce.

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